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Ever wondered what the root cause of most of your difficult and awkward situations in life is? What stops you from growing and being completely true to yourself? Is there something stopping you from being the best version of who you are?

I have the answer for you. A huge factor that contributes is your inability to say NO effectively.

Here is a list of everyday questions that will help you understand the gravity of this issue.

  • Have you ended up buying something because you had difficulty in refusing a persistent seller?
  • Do you find it impossible to decline a social invite even when you truly did not feel like going?
  • Do you end up saying a polite yes even when your mind is screaming NO from within?
  • Do you find it is easier to give in?

If the answer to any one the above statements is a yes, then you need to learn to say NO!! My life changed completely when I learnt to use this most powerful, misunderstood and underused word effectively- NO. I realise that I need to share this with others.

Everyone needs to know that there is no shame in saying no. So if you feel it is your time to learn this undeniably important lesson of life, then come join me for 'Saying yes to saying NO.'

It is a 4 hour journey to understanding why you can't refuse, accepting that it is OK to refuse and actually making that change within yourself.

What would you get by the end of the workshop?

  • A deeper understanding of your core beliefs.
  • Knowing your personal reasons for not being able to say NO!
  • Hands on experience on being assertive without being aggressive.
  • A brand new belief system and reference points to deal with earlier awkward moments.
  • A life transformation and so much more.

There would be plenty of exercises and activities for the learning to be fun and effective.


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