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Everyone's ultimate aim in life is to grow. The growth desired may be personal, professional, financial, spiritual or even emotional.

If our goal is so clear, then what prevents us from achieving that we desire???

The answer is we, ourselves. Our limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, feelings and emotions about ourselves and the world around, mistrusting ourselves, underestimating our capabilities, the list of reasons can go on. Usually we hold these beliefs in our sub-conscious mind. In other words, we do not actively know the source of such beliefs. Though through deeper analysis with a Life Coach, we get to the core of these feelings and work on changing them.

My first step in life coaching is always, analysis. I assist the client to reach the core of the issue. I help them to identify the major faulty belief systems and limiting feelings that hinder his/her growth. These are usually hidden in multi-layers, often leading to just one major lacuna. Once the source has been identified, the next step is to guide and help the clients transform their lives completely.


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