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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are remedial tools for psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. The counsellor and client work together to find solutions to stressful situations. They are tools to understand complex situations and to find means to resolve them with the help of a trained professional. The situation can be from any aspect of life: relationships, professional life, work-life stress, fears, phobias, and even the relationship with yourself.

A psychotherapist helps you see the situation from a different angle and brings forward many aspects of that situation that you might need to pay attention to. A counselling session is like looking at yourself in a mirror; understanding your role helps you transform from a victim to an empowered human being.

Often, family and friends play the role of counsellors in our lives. It provides much-needed support and love, yet objectivity is missing. They get as affected and involved in your situation as you are. This means they are no longer in a position to help since they would also have their own emotions to deal with. This is where a professional counsellor is better equipped to help you sail through the situations.


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