Hypnotherapy is a simple and safe tool to understand, accept and heal your issues. In this form of therapy, hypnosis is the central tool.

Hypnosis is a natural and a very comfortable trance like state, in which the subject is completely aware and in control of the his/her self. Each one of us gets into the hypnotic state, at least twice a day. One, when we are about to wake up, yet are not completely awake (an example is when we can hear the alarm ring, but don't really feel like putting an effort to switch it off). Second, when we are just about to fall asleep; we are aware of the activities in our surroundings and yet we want to just enter a deep relaxed sleep.

In a hypnosis session, the state of the subject is such that the physical body is relaxed, the mind is calm and is working towards a resolution of the issue with the help of a Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is based on the fact that our behavior and reactions come directly from our subconscious mind, the part of our mind where we store all our experiences/learnings. Hypnotherapy hits the nail on it's head by working on the root cause of a situation; the subconscious mind. Healing from the root makes hypnotherapy one of the most potent and effective healing arts.


Frequently Asked Question on Hypnotherapy

Normally, we are aware of our issues and their sources, yet our defense mechanism stops us from acknowledging them. This is the main hinderance in the process of healing. The state of hypnosis helps us lower our defenses naturally, without any outside probes or threats making it easier for us to reach the source of the issue.

The feeling and experience of hypnosis is different for different people. Overall it is a deep relaxed state, in which the physical body is relaxed, mind is calm and in complete control.

The number of sessions can't be predefined as it completely depends on the intensity of the issue and the client's receptivity to the therapy.

No. You are actually in a very relaxed state where you are in more control of yourself. A Hypnotherapist CANNOT make you do anything against your will or your morals, ethics and beliefs.

Anybody willing to be hypnotized can be hypnotized. No Hypnotherapist can put you in a hypnotic state if you are unwilling.

Anybody willing to be hypnotized can be hypnotized. No Hypnotherapist can put you in a hypnotic state if you are unwilling.

It is a completely natural state, hence it is completely safe.

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